YND magnetic suction track light

          Magnetic track lighting series is very suitable for both residential and commercial office space. One of its major features is strong plasticity and flexibility. It can move the position of lighting lamps back and forth according to personal needs


     YNDLUX is specialize in the R & D and sales of magnetic track lighting series over 5 years. The track quality and performance are excellent, and the lighting effect is excellent. It is deeply recognized by lighting designers, interior decoration designers and other international markets. Let's learn about YNDLUX magnetic track lighting series

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         R20 series, 24V/48V  Suitable for hotels, villas, home decoration, leisure and other places,R35 series, 24V/48V Suitable for office, exhibition hall, museum and other commercial lighting. 

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     2mm Thickness aluminum,It avoid rail deformation due to installation violence, unable to put lamps

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                 Pure red copper has strong conductivity, low calorific value, more stable performance and longer service life

YNDLUX magnetic light series

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