Flexible rope light

         In 2020, YNDLUX launched a flexible lamp with innovative technology. It can twist freely and has fixed parts hidden inside. It has excellent optical quality, strong flexibility, modular assembly and other characteristics

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        It can be expanded through the joints hidden in the interior of the building contour, without visible shadows. It is efficient in installation and easy to maintain.

02Introduction of silica gel linear lamps.jpg

          With the smallest space occupied by the lamp, it can gradually disappear on the surface of the building, full of movement, or design the visual effect of three-dimensional folding in the space, and use its soft nature and linear sense of graphic elements to make innovative design, the possibility is endless

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          Scene design by lighting can match practical and comfortable lighting effects. Different solutions are designed according to different scene requirements. It promotes flexibility, personalization and design freedom to a new height.

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    It can create a flexible or flexible shape on the wall with the user's sense of freedom

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